Details of the Utes-T Ust-Donetsk radar system

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According Russia the radar station located at Ust-Donetsk (in Russia) recorded the situation in the air above Eastern Ukraine at July 17, 2014. The raw primary recordings were all of a sudden found around September 2016 after the Dutch investigation team requested Russia many times to hand over all radar data.

The location of the radar is here. The distance to the location where MH17 was hit by a BUK missile is 175 km.

The maximum range of this Utes-T radar is  360 km. More specifications here.

This is the vertical and horizontal range of a similar radar as the Utes-T. Taken from the Almaz Antey website.

Photo of the radar station at Ust-Donetsk. While looking at the satellite photo you see the colours of the radome do not match. The photos taken from the ground level have a red ribbon runnin horizontally. The satellite photos show a red line running vertically. I guess sometime the radome was repainted.

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2 Comments on Details of the Utes-T Ust-Donetsk radar system

  1. There are also blind spots and blind velocity for that type of radars (ARSR – Air Route Surveillance Radar).

  2. It is stated om the figure that the detection range is for plane with effective cross section equivalent to MiG-17 (Length: 11.26 m; Wingspan: 9.63 m ; Height: 3.80 m; Wing area: 22.6 m²)
    Another spec missing is the rate of refresh. In the news it is quoted that it is 10 sec. So for Snejne we will get missile signal appearing 3-4 times. For direction from West the effective missile cross-section will be smaller for most of the flight (facing Rostov). Plus if the distance to hit zone is shorter, it will blip 1-2 times in the data. So don’t go into Russians lying overdrive yet. The scenario is plausible

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