Conspiracy theory debunked.

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This post will provide an overview of all debunked videos and claims. This page will be updated very frequently

1. The crash of MH17 was filmed from another aircraft. Showing a Phantom jetfighter flying behind another aircraft. 

This video was spread mainly via Facebook.

In 2011 an Iranian Air Force IL76 crashed during an airshow. The crash was filmed from a C130 Hercules. The video can be seen here.

2 Ukrain Secret Agency uploaded a taped conversation one day before MH17 crashed.

Debunked here. Due to a bug at YouTube videos uploaded get a timestamp of 24 hours ago.

3. The route of MH17 was on July 17 far more north than on previous days. 

Some website use Flightaware to prove a different route. Flightaware however does not cover Ukraine at all. Using Flightradar24 it is clearly shown the aircraft used at July 17 the same route as previous days. See a complete debunk here.

Another debunk here.

4. MH17 was ordered by the Ukrain Air Traffic Control to fly at a lower altitude than filled in the flightplan

Incorrect. Accoding to the Dutch Safety Board the aircraft was offered Flightlevel 350 by Dnipro control. The captain of MH17 prefered to stay on FL330. Likely because of the weight of the aircraft. Instead the Singapore Airlines B777 flying behind MH17 was allowed to climb to FL350.

5. The Dutch Safety Board made a mistake in the report by using a silhouette of an Airbus A380 on the front. 

A Dutch RTL reporter tried to discredit the report by stating the picture on the front was an Airbus suggesting an error. However each and every report published by the Dutch Safety Board has this same Airbus A380 silhouette.

6. A Spanish Air Traffic Controller working in the Kiev aTC reported MH17 was followed by Ukraine fighterjet. MH17 was shot down by Ukraine. 

The Twitter account @spainbuca Tweeted at July 17 several messages stating MH17 was shot down by a missle. Ukraine was behind it. The account was deleted the next day for unknown reasons. Spanish authorities do not know a Spanish person working at ATC. All controllers are required to have a Ukraine passport. Many more debunks are posted here. Previous Tweets by @spainbuca were all political related. Many on Gaza and accusing Israel. The account was not a typical one for someone working in ATC. As there are many so called troll accounts @spainbuca was very likely to be a fake account.

The man called Carlos was interviewed by the Spanish branch of Russia Today in May 8. He told about his situation at Ukraine. This Facebook page has more info. 

7. At least two eye-witnesses told BBC Russia they saw fighter aircraft above the crash scene. Why is this not included in the preliminary report by the Dutch Safety Board?
BBC Russia later removed the video of two eye-witnesses because the video was not according their quality standards. The Dutch Safety Board published in their preliminary report an overview of the local weather. It was cloudy that day at the crash site. Video proves it was raining. Eye witnesses could most likely not have seen any aircraft flying at FL330.

8. Ukraine was targeting the aircraft of president Putin but made a mistake and shot down MH17.
The aircraft of Putin was indeed flying on July 17. Putin returned from a visit to South America. However his aircraft did not enter Ukraine airspace at all. It flew over Poland. So a missle attack on Putin aircraft launched from Ukraine is total bullshit.

Even Russia Today stated that Putin did not overfly Ukraine in a long time.

This is the Tweet of Dutch radio communications expert @FMCnl. The route shows clearly the IL 96 aircraft of president Putin. It never even entered Ukraine airspace. Much to far for any BUK missile. So a conspiracy story about someone was aiming at Putin Air Force One and hit MH17 is nonsense.


 9. CNN showed a video of the crash scene which showed what looked like a missile in the debris.
That video was shown by CNN in the hours immediately after the crash. It showed a missle. However that video was not showing the MH17 crash site all the time. Some parts of the CNN video showed a crashscene of a IL76 which was shot down over East Ukraine earlier. Parts of that crash scene has been inserted into the video of the MH17 crash scene. There is no information on who sold this video to CNN. The video is seen here. Watch the missile at 01:07


This image shows two scenes. On the left a still from the CNN video. On the right a still from a video of the IL76 crash scene.



10. There was a military aircraft close to MH17. You can see the chaff used in this video.

Chaff is small pieces of aluminium or other metal to distract rader guided missles. These are so small you cannot see it on the video from the distance it was filmed. It is also not toilet paper for the same reason. Most likely it is falling debris clearing the black smoke.

Video can be seen here.falling-debris











11. The aircraft was registered 9M-MRC at Schiphol. But the crashed one was registered 9M-MRD

One of the passengers on flight MH17 was Cor Pan. He made a photo shortly before entering the plane. The photo was published on his Facebook account and clearly shows registration 9M-MRC. The tinfoil websites like are going wild on conspiracy. Another photo of the Boeing 777 parked at Schiphol was sent to Reuters as a kind of damage control by Israel. For the sake of completeness I include this story.

This story was easily debunked. The letter D on the righthand side of the aircraft was partially obscured. Paint was clearly partially gone. If someone likes to see a C that is possible. No record shows 9M-MRC has been at Schiphol that day.

12. Kiev Air Traffic Control ordered MH17 to decend from 35.000 feet to 33.000 feet to make it better visible 

Quite a few websites mention this as a proof Ukraine is responsible for the shot down.

Very easy to debunk. First of all Flightradar24 records the altitude. MH17 never flew at FL350 (35.000 feet). Next the Dutch Safety Board told the aircraft flew on FL330 and never flew higher or was instructed to decend. Last a BUK SA-11 can hit targets flying at around 25 km. About 2,5 times higher than MH17 flew on. There would be no need to have to aircraft fly lower.

13. One of the relatives of someone on board of MH17 was told by someone of Malaysian Airlines that the crew sent out a Distress signal. 

This website and other report about this. The pilot had told over the radio to the tower in Ukraine that the aircraft had started a rapid decend.
This is yet another stupid story. First of all, Flightradar data shows the aircraft did not decend. The data of the Flight Data Recorder also did not record a sudden decent. A distress call was not mentioned in the preliminary report of the Dutch Safety Board. None of the other aircraft in the area had reported such a call. At least the Air India flight was on the same frequency so they pilots should have heard such a call.

I really do not understand why people make up such stupid stories.

14 A SA-11 BUK needs 5 minutes between first contact with target and the launch of a missle. Too much for MH17 to shot down as it was travelling very fast.

According this post there was no time for a BUK to shot down MH11.

 According the Janes Defense, the alleged culprit – an SA-11 (NATO code name) or ‘BUK’ missile system, requires 5 minutes set-up active targeting, followed by an additional 22 seconds ‘reaction time’ for target acquisition and firing. As the MH17 was only visible for 70 seconds above this rebel-held area surrounding Grabovo, unless the alleged rebel firing position was specifically tracking MH17 long before it entered the rebel-held airspace and could distinguish it from other military civilian aircraft also in the general vicinity, Washington’s theory and Kiev’s accusation – that rebels shot down this aircraft becomes even weaker.

In reality a TELAR needs only about 5 minutes to move from road march to engagement. See this article.

15 Russian experts are not part of the Dutch Safety Board team who investigate the cause of the crash of MH17
Not true. Even Foreign minister Lavrov of Russia confirmed Russia is included in the investigation:

So, those are the facts. There is an international commission headed by the Dutch Security Council. It includes ICAO experts, including some from Russia (Russia Today)

The preliminary report says


16. Someone changed the service altitude of the SU-25 from 10 km to 7 km.

Actually the reverse is the case. Wikipedia mentioned a service altitude of 7000 meters before July 17. Then shortly after July 17 it was changed to 10.000 meters from a Moscow IP address. Later is was corrected back to 7000 meter. Sukhoi, the manufacturer of the aircraft has 7000 meters listed. More info here.

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10 Comments on Conspiracy theory debunked.

  1. lodewijk vrije // March 21, 2015 at 6:33 am // Reply

    where are all the debunked pictures of the suspected SA-11 carrier being transported? its been proven they were photo shopped. no mention of the spanish ATC that tweeted 30 minutes after the crash, that he saw 2 jets flying close to the plane on radar? if you call this side whathappendtoflightmh17 you should look at both sides and debunk shit of both sides.

    • lodewijk. You are talking nonsense. Where is your proof that photos were photoshopped? It is so easy to state things with no arguments. So weak.
      Spanish ATC is nonsense as well. Remember this guy was already interviewed in May by Russia Today about another topic. I saw the Tweets of him. A typical ATC guy does not tweet about Palestina and other Anti-EU/Israel-VS stuff. 100% troll.

  2. lodewijk vrije // March 21, 2015 at 6:38 am // Reply

    also about the max altitude of the SU25. its the STANDARD SU-25 that has a SERVICE ceiling of 7000 meters. it has a maximum ceiling of 10.000 meters. besides Ukraine uses its own modified version of the SU25TM which is called the SU25M1. which has a service ceiling of 10.000 meters and a theoretical ceiling of 15.800 meters. there are several SU25 pilots that claim to have flown this badboy at 12000-13000 meters. and there is a video from 2008! that shows cockpit video of a SU-25 and on the hud you can clearly see on the right upper side 8562. in russian aircraft the metric system is used. that means in the 2008 video the SU25 is flying at 8,5 KM high. with (on the left upper side of the hud) an airspeed of 540KM/h

  3. Hi
    I wonder about no 12, in points above you prove the flightradar24 does not have acurate flightdata and hence debunk some statements and suggestions. But then you on point 12 uses flightradar24 to prove that it did not lower it self, why can we in point 12 trust the data when we clearly can’t trust it before?

  4. Missed it in the report // October 15, 2015 at 2:12 am // Reply

    The photo in item 10 is five rolls of carpet carried on the aircraft. The Dutch report includes this photo (figure 15, page 73 of the appendix) and discusses them. Through the use of that photo, they were able to locate the carpet strips and subjected them to analysis. From the photos, the analysis and information from ATC Rostov, they were able to determine a wind speed, direction and air density profile from ground level to 40,000 feet. Pretty cool.

  5. Missed it in the report // October 15, 2015 at 2:18 am // Reply

    Item 10: the “chaff”. This was discussed on page 73 of the Dutch report’s appendix. These are actually 100 metre long rolls of carpet carried on the aircraft. Triangulating from the photos, they were able to find the carpet and subject them to analysis. With this analysis plus information from ATC Rostov, they were able to calculate a wind speed, direction and air density profile from ground level to 40,000 feet. Extremely useful for reversing the trajectory of various other pieces of debris to identify exactly where the explosion occurred, and when/where each piece separated from the others. This helped them, for example, determine the exact trajectory of the front fuselage of the aircraft as it broke off when the missile exploded.

  6. HansHenrick // August 8, 2016 at 10:44 am // Reply

    Here is new video about #MH17 with interesting information:

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