CNN staged news pretending a protest by Muslims against IS

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While this website is all about MH17, frequently I have reported about regular press doing a bad job on MH17 reporting. While Kremlin controled press is notorious and not trusted by Western press, there are just too many examples of Western press doing marketing instead of journalism.

Rule 1 of journalism is to print what no one wants to see in writing. The rest is public relations.

Another role is that news should not be made by press. A photographer should not add details, delete details in a photo. A TV crew should not arrange a protest to make the perfect image.

State sponsored media like Dutch NOS or private funded media like CNN have a sort of agenda.

An example of public relations was shown on Sunday. CNN arranged a small group of what appears Muslim protesters into their reporting. Also BCC showed this staged news.

Now the small group of Muslimes could be a genuine protest against IS. However CNN should not arrange the group first on the street and then do a reporting. That is staging news.

This video which was published at June 7 provides a better view behind the scenes.


Lets first look what happened behind the scenes. We see CNN reporter Becky Anderson at 4:56 PM in a London street. No protestors to be seen.


The small group is seen here.


This is how CNN presented the result on tv

The response by CNN Public Relations in UK


BCC also showed this what the viewer should believe protest. No video clip yet but someone made a photo of the television screen.


The same group is seen here in a BBC report titled ”Turn to love’ message from Muslims after London Bridge attack’


Here another photo of the group

The group got a lot of media attention

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