Chaplain Ukrainian Buk photos geolocated 400 km from last FDR location

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Photos showing an Ukraine army chaplain near Ukraine BUKs were used by Kremlin trolls as an indication that Ukraine BUKs were operating close enough in Donbass to be able to shot down MH17.

After three years this idea is now debunked. Users at the Smolensk forum found out the location where the photos were made. The photos were made near the city of Myrhorod  in the Central Ukrainian Oblast of Poltava, on the banks of the river Khorol. This is 400 km distance to the location of where MH17 was shot down.  So totally out of reach to be able to shot down MH17.

Here is a series of photos.

The building indicated is here. 49.940772 33.607840


The image below was copied from smolensk forum

This video published at Youtube at April 13, 2014 shows a convoy of Ukraine BUKs and missiles. The text suggest the video was made near the city of Myrhorod.

The serial numbers of the BUKs part of the convoy are seen in the image below.

These are 200, 210, 211,221, 222, 230,231

This is most likely the same concoy. Video uploaded to Youtube at April 13. The title suggest the video was made near the city of миргород (Myrhorod)



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