Belgium Assad apologist writes nonsense on MH17

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Former Belgium journalist Willy van Damme frequently writes nonsense about Syria. But he also stated in an interview Facebook is a secret project by the CIA. His articles are published by Dutch alternative media and on his personal website. Sometimes Van Damme can be seen on Cafe Weltschmerz, a Youtube channel which nowadays mostly shows conspiracy theorists like Karel van Wolferen and Kees van der Pijl. Van Damme was interviewed by Kremlin financed RT in 2013 and 2014 on Syria.

Van Damme has written a lot of nonsense on Syria and is a Putin and Assad  apologist. In a future blog I will show his many errors on Syria. On MH17 he did not publically write until August 9, 2019.

In a blogpost on his personal website he writes about the book by MH17 truther Kees van der Pijl. Van Damme states:

In Nederland hebben de klassieke media of de regering geen enkele aandacht voor zijn info en visie op de zaak en de miserie die dat land al jaren ondergaat. In Maleisië wil men daarentegen wel naar een andere visie luisteren. Arm en in wezen dictatoriaal Nederland.

Translated he says the Dutch main stream media does not pay attention at all to Kees van der Pijl. In Malaysia they want to listen to him. Poor dictorial the Netherlands.

This opinion pretty much shows the way of thinking of Van Damme. To start with Dutch media has a good reason to completely ignore Van der Pijl as the man tells nonsense. The conference in Malaysia is a conference were many truthers are speaking.

A photo caption a bit futher down the article says  Kees van der Pijl is censored.

The review of the book focusses on geopolitics and internal politics in Ukraine. Ukraine has a lot of issues like corruption and influence by oligarchs on politicians. There is no doubt about that.

Van Damme’s nonsense continues. He writes:

Zo toont hij de contradicties in hun verhaal en wijst ook op een aantal eigenaardigheden zoals het wissen bij het Nederlandse ministerie van Justitie van het mailverkeer uit die periode over de zaak. Met als vraag of dit vernielen van bewijsmateriaal een strafbaar feit

Translated: according Van Damme the book of Van der Pijl states that Dutch Ministry of Justice deleted email communications about MH17. This is complete nonsense.

Van Damme states there is a relation between EU sanctions against Russia and the shot down of MH17. In fact on July 16, 2014 the EU agreed on sanctions as a punishment for the annexation of Crimea by Russia. The implementation of those sanctions were expedited because of the shot down.

Van Damme believes it is suspicious Bellingcat  started to report about Ukraine just a few days before the shotdown of MH17. That is also nonsense.

Eliot Higgins, the founder of Bellingcat, reported on the use of chemical weapons in Syria together with a few others. At July 1, 2014 in this interview he announced he would start an investigative journalism platform called Bellingcat. At July 14, 2014 a first crowdfunding started. Untill the shotdown at MH17 I could not find a single Tweet by Bellingcat on Ukraine.

Van Damme continues:

Bellingcat is een onderdeel van de Atlantic Council, een aan de NAVO gelieerde studie- en propagandadienst.

Translated: Bellingcat is part of the Atlantic Council, a studie and propaganda service related to NATO.

Nonsense. Eliot Higgins and Aric Toler, both employees of Bellingcat, did some work for Atlantic Council. They went to various places and did talks together with Atlantic Council staff. Both also wrotes reports.

Higgins name was listed at the Atlantic Council website. Since Higgins stopped the cooperation his name has been removed.  Toler is still listed at the website of Atlantic Council. Bellingcat has many people doing research. The group has nothing to do with Atlantic Council.

I contacted Van Damme via e-mail to indicate he made an error. He did respond but refused to correct the error.

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