At October 11 Russia still did not hand over radar data to JIT

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I made a phonecall at October 11 to the JIT spokesman Wim de Bruin to check if Russia had handed over the primary radar data yet.

JIT stated it did NOT recieve any radar data per October 11 2016.

This does not surprise me at all. Russia used the JIT pressconference at September 28 for public relations purposes to show the world they have radar images. This is evidence. If this was evidence for Russia as well , a suspect would immediately turn over the evidence to JIT. However Russia waited over two years to tell the world they infact did have primary radar data.

I doubt Russia will ever hand over the recordings as showed in the press conference. JIT would soon find out these are:

  • not raw primary radar recordings as detected by the radar antenna
  • the recording has been modified to not show at least two radar marks showing a missile lanched from Snizhne.

The fact Russia does not hand over radar data is one of  many indications Russia is guilty for the shot down of MH17.

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