Anyone seen photo of STA 228.5 debris?

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Almaz Antey showed  during the pressconference at October 132015  some interesting looking photos of debris. Some were taken from the reconstruction site at Gilze Rijen as they clearly show the wooden frame which was initially used to reconstruct the cockpit section. Also some photos shows tags and tie wraps attached to the piece for catalogu purposes.

Almaz Antey showed a piece of fuselage which was located at STA 228.5. This is just behind the window of the captain.

PDF of Almaz Antey presentation at October 13 2015 is here. (mirror)

The photo below is a screenshot of the Almaz Antey presentation here. The piece we see here is heavily burnt. All the paint is gone. We see many shrapnel holes.


I have not seen pictures of this piece of aircraft skin before. Maybe someone else did and can provide me the URL?(Update: thanks Brandan for the links)

This is a bigger photo of the picture shown by Almaz Antey

I am having a hard time to locate this piece at the reconstruction of MH17 at Gilze Rijen. Maybe someone can help me with locating this STA 228.5 piece.

This is a high resolution photo of the cockpit.  The picture below is a smaller version of the same photo.

STA 228.5 is located in the area located in the red box.


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12 Comments on Anyone seen photo of STA 228.5 debris?

  1. The piece is in the red box and is the piece with the square hole in it.

  2. Liane Theuer // April 10, 2016 at 10:13 am // Reply

    I didn´t found any.
    But this is an overview :

  3. Liane Theuer // April 10, 2016 at 10:20 am // Reply

    I miss the STA 236,5 roof part in the reconstruction and STA 298.5 too.
    Pictures of this parts can be found here :

  4. In the red rectangle is a piece of wreckage which you are not looking for. The rectangle only indicates STA 228.5. The yellow point of Almaz-Antey seems somewhat higher than the last left windshield. Maybe more into my rectangle, if I’m lucky:

  5. It somewhat looks the same piece but there are real differences, maybe DSB hammered it on the frame, somewhat carelessly? If it are two pieces they are ‘saved’ by bar 228.5.

  6. There definitely are squares in this warhead. On bar 228.5 we find the exact measure:


  8. I’m not sure what you’re looking for (maybe different images of the same piece?), but clearer photos of that part from Almaz Antey can be found elsewhere. Hopefuly the following links will work.

    Page 5 of the slideshow (WARNING – very large total download)

    Same slideshow also available as a direct download

    With English text (see page 5):

    The three photos from that page:
    From above
    From inside 1 (taken from Figure 8, p.12 of DSB’s appendix-x-nlr-report-en)
    From inside 2

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