Another nonsense conspiracy about MH17 pops up. Attack by air to air missile plus cannon

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A new conspiracy theory related to MH17 recently popped up. It was first reported by a controversial blogger named Andrei Raevsky aka The Saker. He writes complete nonsense about MH17 and other events. Another truther who believes this nonsense story is a German called Peter Haisenko. This believe by some truthers coincide with the reappearance of a German private detective called Josef Resch in Kremlin financed media. Resch also claims MH17 was downed by an Ukraine fighterjet. 

Very few people believe that an Ukraine SU-25 fighterjet launched an air to air missile towards MH17. The purpose seems to slow down the aircraft so that the slower SU-25 could overtake the Boeing 777 as a heat seeking missile would destroy one of the engines. Once close enough the SU-25 would then have used its cannon to kill the pilots and destroy the cockpit.

At a conference organized in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia some of the most notorious MH17 truthers were invited as speakers. One of them is German Peter Haisenko. In a presentation for about 40 attendees he explained he believed MH17 was first attacked by a missile and then by a cannon. In 2015 I described in a blog that Haisenko tells a lot on nonsense. Not just on MH17 but on many other topics.

This is one of the most stupid stories I ever heard.First of all, why would an Ukraine fighter jet do that? Some of the truthers like Dutchman Kees van der Pijl, who also was a speaker at the MH17 conference in Malaysia,  believe Ukraine wanted to shot down the aircraft Putin flew in on its way from Brazil to Russia. However Putin never flew over Ukraine. The believe of the truthers is that Ukraine executed a false flag.

Dutch Safety Board did not report any damage to both of the engines which could be related to a missile. The speed of the aircraft was not reduced at all since take off in Amsterdam. The crew did not perform a mayday call. DSB ruled out both an air to air missile and bullets fired by an cannon as cause of the crash. Truthers will probably think DSB is part of the conspiracy and false flag. But even the Kremlin never stated MH17 was downed by an aircraft. In one of the pressconferences Russia stated “there was no military aircraft in the vicinity of MH17“. There is also no damage visible to the remains of wings, fuselage and engines which suggests an air to air missile exploded.

Also the believe a cannon was used is complete nonsense. I documented in this blogpost that a Buk missile destroyed the aircraft.

The conspiracy theory popped up almost at the same time as the reappearance of a German private detective called Josef Resch. Resch became news in mid 2016 after he was hired by an unknown customer to find information on MH17. One unknown person indeed handed over information. Resch wrote a chapter in his book about MH17. Since then nobody ever heard of Resch again, until around July 2019 when Kremlin financed media started to report about him. For example Sputnik reported that Resch had sent a letter to JIT offering to hand over the materials he got from his source. Under one condition, media must be allowed to cover this handover.

The reappearance of Josef Resch is not a coincidence. In June 2019, a few weeks before Resch became active again, the JIT announced the date of the trial and also made public the names of four suspects. Three Russian nationals and an Ukraine national.

The website of Resch provides some insights into the materials Resch wants to hand over. Some of it are radiocommunications between Ukraine air traffic controllers and pilots of fighterjets. Also there seems to be radiocommunications between members of the secret service and the military about the flight of the presidential aircraft Putin flew in.

The JIT declined the conditions demanded by Resch for the handover. Now Resch stated he would hand over the material to Malaysia or Russia. In September 2016 I predicted Kremlin could be using Resch as a trump card. It took Kremlin almost three years to reinstate this nonsense. I am sure at some time, probably in January or February 2020 all of a sudden faked material will be made public indicating JIT was wrong.



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1 Comment on Another nonsense conspiracy about MH17 pops up. Attack by air to air missile plus cannon

  1. The nonsensical theory in which MH17 was allegedly hit by an air-to-air missile and then “finished off” with cannon fire is not really new. (As you have also reported in May last year) the New Straits Times brought it on the front page of its printed newspaper on August 5th, 2014. That was well before it was known that the black boxes had not recorded anything that would support such a theory.

    “Russia stated that there was no military aircraft in the vicinity of MH17“. Actually, this was not explicitly stated in the cited article. What was said was that there were no “third party” (or “air borne”) objects in the vicinity of MH17. Of course this can also be interpreted as “no military aircraft”.

    “The website of Resch provides some insights …”. It also reveals that his lawyer does sloppy research. Just look at the mail address for the Prime Minister (“premier”) in the first published e-mail…. The domain name belongs to automotive consultants. Addressing the Prime Minister to sell Resch’s shadowy business is strange anyway.

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