Another lie bij Kremlin. There are bowtie-shaped holes in MH17 fuselage

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Kremlin and media financed by Kremlin lied over 100 times on MH17. An overview of the lies can be found in this article. After the trial early June, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, told another lie.

According a Sputnik article dated June 11 Zakharova  emphasized that not a single I-shaped hole was found in the airplane’s hull, and the fragments themselves were discovered “under dubious circumstances.

By the I-shaped fragments Zakharova told about she probably means the bowtie, butterfly or H-shaped fragments. There are typical for the 9N314M warhead which is used by the Russian armed forces.

However there are plenty of opensource photos available showing the typical shaped holes in the fuselage of MH17 caused by the bowtie shaped fragments. |

The photo below is , ironically, a screenshot of a RT documentary. It shows a part of the fuselage which was located near the cockpit. Two holes are shaped like bowtie.



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