Another indication for Russian involvement. Witness X48 saw four soldiers wearing helmets with ear flaps near the launcher the day MH17 was shot down

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Australian media reported mid June 2020 about a witness known by the JIT as X48. The witness told the investigators seeing four soldiers dressed in unusual khaki uniforms and helmets with ear flaps near the launcher the day MH17 was shot down; their outfits were different to the Russian-backed rebels.

The Public Prosecution  Service made this remark about witness X48. Stating that the witness statement can be checked using photos of the special helmet called tankcap.

Zo kan de verklaring van getuige X48 over de uitrusting van soldaten op de lanceerlocatie worden getoetst aan de hand van foto’s van speciale hoofddeksels – zogenaamde tankcaps – die tijdens het onderzoek naar de TELAR zijn gemaakt.

X48 also stated this:

The Russian army uses these tank helmets (called Шлемофон or Shlemofon)   in tanks and missile launchers. The helmet contains headphones and a special differential microphone or a throat microphone (laryngophone).

The photo below shows two people wearing tank helmets inside a Buk Telar missile launcher.


Earlier from tapped telephone conversations it was concluded the Buk Telar launcher was accompanied by a crew. It would be logical for Russia to sent a Buk Telar including Russian crew. To operate a Buk Telar the crew requires a long training. Such a deadly weapon, which was likely operated in autonomous mode with no external radarsupport, is very complex to operate.



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