Another example of incorrect reporting by Dutch media

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I made (too) many posts here about the poor level of journalism by the Dutch press on reporting the MH17 disaster. Many factual incorrect reporting was done, mainly by Dutch largest newsstation NOS.

At March 15 another example of factual incorrect journalism with the intention to frame. This time not on MH17 but on rightwing political parties.

Dutch newspaper NRC journalist Andreas Kouwenhoven sent this Tweet. He wrote: “going greay with free press. NRC not allowed to join election results party of Forum voor Democratie, Denk, PVV and GeenPeil because of┬ádispleasing articles.

Below a screenshot of the Tweet.

Bart Nijdam, one of the leaders of political party GeenPeil responded. He states that GeenPeil has a closed election result night, and none of the press has been invited to join.

Also PVV responded, stating


Later Kouwenhoven ┬áplaced a new Tweet with some nuance stating “At GeenPeil no press is welcome, without a reason given.


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