An overview of what is on the agenda regarding MH17

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News on MH17 might be somewhat low but there is still some development. This post will provide an overview.


  1. June 12 . Silent protest of next of kin in front of Russian embassy in the Hague
  2. Release of Bellingcat podcasts
  3. Russian Federation  to submit evidence of Russia’s violations, with the term before court by July 12, 2019
  4. July 17, MH17 5 years ago


  1. January : JIT agreement finishes
  2. Unknown (probably 2020): judgement of ICJ court on the case filed by Ukraine to Russia




  1. February 24 2017: Dutch court will make public the verdict on RTL Nieuws, NOS, Volkskrant versus Dutch Ministry of Justice
  2. early April 2017 : Dutch court will make public verdict on RTL Nieuws objection to not release minutes of meetings (more info)
  3. April 7 2017 : deadline for Ministry of Justice to reveal minutes of meetings documents as ordered by judge.
  4. May 2 2017 : deadline for MP Rutte to adjust his motivation why he refuses to release interview report wirh Universiteit  Twente.
  5. May 8 2017: Dutch Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs should answer questions by Commission for Foreign Affairs. (info)
  6. May 11 2017: Commission for Foreign Affairs of Dutch Parliament will discuss answers of letter.
  7. May 11 2017: publiekscollege juridische aspecten  MH17
  8. May 12 2017: the hearing of ICJ the court that would approve the schedule of the hearings  (source).
  9. May 24: answers to questions Omtzigt about role Netherlands in UN (source)
  10. June 9  Answers of the Dutch goverment to questions asked based on the progress letter by Dutch government (source). Update June 12: Minister Blok informed Tweede Kamers answers are delayed. At the latest answers will be given in the week of June 19. (source)
  11. Commisie Buitenlandse zaken decides if an Algemeen OVerleg is needed based on answers government (source)
  12. June? July? Verdict of ECHR to the application of German laywer Giemulla to hold Ukraine liable for not closing its airspace
  13. June 18: Dutch government needs to answer 45 questions asked at May 18 (source)
  14. End of June. Final decision by Court Midden Holland on WOB by RTL Pieter Klein to PM Rutte (details here). Delayed till August 17/18. However at September 7 still no news.
  15. July 11 appeal of RTL Nieuws, NOS and Volkskrant on WOB case at Raad van State (more info here) zaaknummers 201702922/1 en 201702923/1). The ordeal of the court is normally within 6 weeks. This case might be longer because of complexity and holidays.
  16. Indexing of available info for MH17 national archive (July 2017)

  17. Inzicht in de duurzame toegankelijkheid van de overheidsinformatie MH17 archief (juli 2017)

  18. August 16: answers by Dutch government on 87 questions by Dutch Commissie Buitenlandse Zaken
  19. August 22: debate ‘Besluit vervolgingsmechanisme MH17’
  20. August: final decision by Court Midden Holland on WOB by RTL Pieter Klein to PM Rutte (details here). Was originally planned for end of June. For unknown reasons postponed.
  21. Before September 7 Dutch government anwers  questions on knowledge about safety situation Ukraine airspace. (Omtzigt)
  22. September 16, 13:00 plenair debat in Tweede Kamer on vervolgingsmechanisme MH17
  23. Borging en overdracht na afronding project MH17 archief (oktober 2017).

  24. Before October 1. Final version of Samenvatting Strategische Politie Evaluatie MH-17 will be send to the Dutch Tweede Kamer.(more info)
  25. October 19 : PM Rutte has to decide on the WOB case of RTL against Ministry of Algemene zaken (details here)
  26. 25 October: Raad van State will decide on the WOB case by RTL, NOS and Volkskrant
  27. Before the end of 2017. Dutch government will send a letter to Parliament discussing state liability. As promised in the plenary debate on MH17 September 6 2017.
  28. January 2018: JIT agreement ends. It has been extended for another year
  29. Raad van State will decide on WOB-case  which was filed in October 2017 (source)
  30. Uitslag van door Patrick Lancaster gevonden botten
  31. De Onderzoeksraad voor Veiligheid zal in 2018 beoordelen of de aanbevelingen die zijn gedaan om de risico’s van het overvliegen van conflictgebieden beter te beheersen, voldoende zijn opgevolgd. In 2018 rondt de internationale burgerluchtvaartorganisatie ICAO het werkprogramma af, dat naar aanleiding van het MH17-onderzoek is gestart. (source)
  32. March 14, 2018. Algemeen Overleg Commissie Buitenlandse Zaken over voortgang MH17
  33. Dutch government needs to answer 53 questions on state liability
  34. Dutch parliament will have a debate with government on state liability (first week of june?)
  35. Ukraine deadline  to submit evidence of Russia’s violations, with the term expiring June 12, 2018. (source)
  36. Lawyer Jerry Skinner will file an application at the ECtHR against the Russian Federation at the latest June 13
  37. December 2018. Technische briefing van de Kamer stand van zaken MH17
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  1. «February 24 2017: Dutch court will make public the verdict on RTL Nieuws, NOS, Volkskrant versus Dutch Ministry of Justice»

  2. Russian Federation to submit evidence of Russia’s violations…
    – The wording is weird a bit. Will they really submit evidence against themselves? Against Ukraine? Or evidence to acquit themselves?

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