An overview of websites which copied Eric Zuesse’s nonsense story on MH17

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This post provides an overview of the many websites which copied the utter nonsense story by Eric Zuesse on MH17. The purpose of this overview is to demonstrate the reach and possible impact of the article on ignorant readers.

At December 31, 2018 Strategic Culture published a story written by Eric Zeusse on MH17. The story is full of complete nonsense. I might find some time to write a blogpost on the nonsense. One example is the route. Debunked a long time ago here.

Many websites copied the story of Zuesse. Some translated the story into Dutch and German language.

Some websites deleted the post after a while for unknown reasons. I just hope the webmaster found out they were helping spreading nonsense.

The list below is a selection of websites who copied the story. (english). A very popular website.

Open Mind News (english) (english)

Uprootedpalestinians. (english)

The Falling Darkness (english)

The Greanville Post (english)

State of Globe (english)

WeAreChangeTV.US (english)
Kevin Barrett (english) (english)

peoples trust toronto (english) (english)

Golden Gate Daily (english) 

Dutch language websites

Dutch webblog Herstel de Republiek mentioned the article here. published a full translation in Dutch language of the article. (a well known Dutch conspiracy website full of utter nonsense) 


German language websites

The Blogcat


Websites which deleted the story

Some websites removed the post. Which is curious. Could this be some sort of automated system publishes posts on a network of websites and is able to delete as well. Examples of deleted posts are at 







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  1. Most likely is just one of many Russian disinformation campaigns tools. As typical Russian propaganda web-site it tries to look like made by some Western “grass-root” activists, yet provides no info about it real world identity. At the same time it is still registered with Russian registrar and lists “” (a owned domain) as a PayPal account for donations.

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