An overview of legal requests by Dutch prosecutor to Russian Federation

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According an article by Russian press agency Tass, Dutch public prosecution service has requested  the Russian federation 5 times to submit information to help the criminal investigation into the downing of MH17.

This blogpost publishes an overview of the requests. All is based on public available information. Known are these requests.

  1. Request submitted to Russia at 15 October 2014 was to hand over primary radar data regarding the area Donetsk/Luhansk for the period from 14 July up to and including 18 July 2014.
    Russia responded by handing over a video recording showing both primary radar and secondary radar data. This information was used by Dutch Safety Board
  2. Unknown data but before September 2016. JIT requested Russia for information about BUK systems
  3. Sometime between mid February and March 2017 a request was sent to resubmit previously handed over radar data in ASTERIX format. Russia send ASTERIX data in August 2017.
  4. Probably in March 2017 Dutch prosecutor request  Russia to explicit hand over radar data of Buturinskaya radar antenna

The other two legal requests are not known.


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6 Comments on An overview of legal requests by Dutch prosecutor to Russian Federation

    Storchneva said that the data were transmitted in August 14 years in response to a DSB request. Original
    Что же касается предоставления российской стороной первичных радиолокационных данных, то мы официально заявляем, что российская сторона ещё в августе 2014 года, то есть сразу после трагедии, передала в Совет по безопасности Нидерландов (СБН) все имеющиеся данные первичной радиолокации, зафиксировавшие полёт рейса MH 17. Мы не выдвигали и не устанавливали каких-либо условий или ограничений по дальнейшему использованию и приданию гласности переданных радиолокационных данных, телефонных переговоров и других сведений, запрошенных СБН.
    However, this contradicts the statement about the first request in October.
    It is not easier to ask the prosecutor’s office about the dates and content of requests sent to Russia than to guess what is on the Internet?

    • Please Vam. Try to think a bit more unbiased. What Storchneva states is that Russia handed over a recording (at the glass) of what the air traffic controller saw at the moment of the crash. Everyone involved in air traffic control, and even a citizen journalist like me, understand that At the Glass recordings are especially in this case not sufficient. Investigators want to know if a missile was launched. An air traffic controller will not see a missile, some weather, flock of birds. The radar sofrware filters this out.

      Russia knows this!
      Russia knows also the primary raw radar is relevant to the investigatiob.
      Russia also knows by stating it deleted radar data it cannot prove it is innocent!

      So Russia on purpose decided to hand over non-RAW, at the glass recordings. And on purpose did not hand over radar data of two radarstations. And on purpose waited with handing over ASTERIX format.

      This is extremely disturbing!

      • Now we are talking about the number of requests to Russia? In the text

        the Russian side back in August 2014,
        … transferred to the Security Council of the Netherlands
        … of the requested DSB.
        that is, there was a request until August 2014. I meant only this.

  2. @admin
    Do you have such rules there that you need to prove his innocence? I’m sorry for you, I do not want to go to Europe.

    • Dear Vam: you really believe Russia is telling the truth here? I could go on and on showing Russia is playing a extremly dirty play here over the death of 298 people.

      • I believe simple open a Dutch court. And believe it or not Russia, Ukraine and other participants of this investigation does not matter. But the rules should be the same for all. I can show a dirty game in Western countries in my Ukraine, which killed thousands of people, these countries are willing to prove their innocence? . Sorry for the politics.

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