An overview of disinformation and lies by former RT journalist Yerlashova and Dutch blogger van der Werff

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At July 17, 2019 it has been five years ago MH17 was shot down by a BUK missile. The Joint Investigation Team concluded the BUK TELAR anti-aircraft system which launched the missile belonged to the Russian armed forces.

For many media the 5th anniversary is a good moment to bring stories about MH17.

Also alternative media will present stories. Yana Yerlashova, a former RT (funded by Kremlin) journalist found in  Dutch blogger Max van der Werff (aka “Kremlin troll”) a usefull help to make a documentary on MH17. Based on their reputation and the promotional video they published the documentary will be full of disinformation. See my previous blogs on this notorious couple here.

To get an impression of the intentions of the couple, the table below shows an overview of the nonsense, lies, disinformation spread by Van der Werff and Yerlashova.

This table will be updated frequently and is not even complete.


number who what type source when details
1 Max van der Werff failed to publish a photo showing cables running in front of balcony desinformation blog May 20, 2015 link
2 Max and Yana showed person stating MH17 was ordered to descent lie promotional video april 2019 Kickstarter
3 Max and Yana say found wreckage was not part of final report DSB desinformation promotional video april 2019 Kickstarter
4 Max and Yana state photographer lied about where he took photo lie Yana april 2019 video link
5 Yana suggesting the body of flying pilot was not hit by shrapnel desinformation Yana RT docu A year without the truth 2015 link 
6 Max stating I do factchecks for Eliot Higgins lie Twitter april 2019
7 Yana presenting multiple conspiracy thinkers in her documentaries published by RT. Examples Joost Niemoller, Peter Haisenko desinformation/lie documentary 2015 Nonsense by Haisenko

Nonsense by Niemoller

8 Yana Showing Max van der Werf having  a piece of debris. Max suggest it might be important evidence but investigation team was not interested. desinformation Yana documentary A year without the truth 2015
9 Yana Showing Billy Six who went to incorrect launch location reported by German Correctiv. Ofcourse nobody saw missile launch. This was a bad piece of journalism by Correctiv. Yana happily used this. desinformation Yana documentary A year without the truth 2015 Corrected! Award winning investigative journalism by CORRECT!V MH17 has many mistakes
10 Yana Showing a fake witness in documentary who claimed to have seen a fighterjet which shot down MH17. Same witness found debris in 2015 as shown in other pro Kremlin docu. desinformation and lies Yana documentary A year without the truth 2015 “Local witness” debunked as liar is seen in two different MH17 documentaries supporting Kremlin narrative
11 Yana Staging the finding of wreckage. desinformation and lies Yana documentary A year without the truth 2015 Kremlin funded RT staged finding of MH17 wreckage



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