Absurd responses which relate MH17 to the outcome of Dutch referendum

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At April 6 the Dutch people could vote Yes or No to the association agreement between the EU and Ukraine.

The result of this referendum was that 2/3 of the people who voted were against the association agreement. While this was a consulting referendum, the Dutch government has to take some action to keep trust of the people.

Quite a few absurd responses of mainly foreign people about the result. These people state that the Russians are rewarded by the Dutch people for shoting down MH17.

Let me say one thing: untill the judge has told his verdict, we will not know for sure who is responsible for downing MH17.

Ukraine has a lot to explain and it at least partly responsible for the killing of 298 innocent people. The airspace should have been closed. Ukraine failed to provide DSB the correct reason for missing primary radar of civil ATC. Ukraine did not hand over radar recordings of military air traffic control. Ukraine started an attack to the crash site which prevented further investigations and recovery of debris.

This is an overview of responses on Twitter by politicians.

Eugene Rybczynski is a member of the Ukraine  Verkhovna Rada for the Porosheko Bloc. On his personal Facebook site he wrote “that a single shot down aircraft was  apparently not enough for the Dutch people as they voted NO. The shotdown of MH17 was not enough reason to vote YES.

The text below is a screenshot. The text was later removed.


Eugene Rybczynski also stated in a newspaper:

“Excuse me for my emotionality.  But all of the (citizens of) Holland combined together, are not worth (the life of) even one Ukrainian, who died in the winter of 2014, and died in fact on the Euro-Maidan!  And we lost not just one life, but a whole heavenly hundred.” (source)

The former US ambassador to the Ukraine Steven Pifer stated:

More responses here.

Ivo Belet is a Belgium member of the European parliament for the Europese Volkspartij. He sent a Tweet saying: Poetin downs using a missile a Dutch aircraft and is promptly being rewarded by the Dutch no-voter.

Member of European parliament and member of same party as EU president Donald Tusk, , Jacek Saryusz-Wolski , stated on that the no-voter rewarded the culprits of shotdown of MH17.


Ukraine newspaper Kiev Post published an opinion article titled “Gratitude for mass murder

Mark Laity is Chief StratCom at SHAPE, NATO’s military HQ, Formerly the BBC Defence Coorespondent


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1 Comment on Absurd responses which relate MH17 to the outcome of Dutch referendum

  1. Liane Theuer // April 8, 2016 at 9:15 pm // Reply

    “The initiation of the conflict will be done by a suitable propaganda. Credibility is irrelevant, in victory there is the right (law).“

    Some will know who said that. And unfortunately it´s still valid.
    Operation Northwoods sends his regards. Breedlove is the second Lemnitzer.
    I miss his statement regarding the Dutch referendum.
    Could be : “The referendum gift to Russia requires more NATO presence. The laughter should stick in Putin’s throat.”

    Who knows … if the truth about MH17 ever comes to light, perhaps many Tweets will coyly be deleted.

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