My name is Marcel van den Berg. I started to blog in September 2014 to debunk all the nonsense which was spread on Internet about MH17.

This was my first post. It is about conspiracy and false claims. For example that a tapped telephone conversation was uploaded the day before July 17.

At June 2017 I made 604 postings about MH17 and many more are still in draft unpublished.

I have a single objective for this site;

Find the truth and nothing but the truth. 

The passengers and crew and their relatives deserve the truth.

I am unbiased and not stupid. I want to double check each and every statement. Discussions with people are great. Please use the comments if you like to be heard.

This is probably one of the very few websites unbiased about what could have happened to MH17.

I never expected when I started this website that three years later little is known and suspects are still not arrested. Even Ukraine and Russia are not officially accused.

Lets never forget!