300+ recently made photos show in detail shrapnel damage of MH17

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Recently made photos taken at MH17 crash site were posted on a Russian aviation forum and on Flickr. These very detailled and sharp photos show a lot of damage which is very likely done by sharpnel.

This Flickr account has over 200 photos taken around end of October at the crash site. Some of the photos show the route the fragments have taken indicated by sunflower sticks put in both pilot seats . Also a yardstick can be seen at some of the photos to indicate the lenght.

The photos of the pilot seats clearly indicate a missile exploded on the left hand side of the cockpit. At around 10-11 o’clock when viewed from the cockpit.

I also found a collection of photos available as a RAR archive. I created a Flickralbum so these photos can easily be viewed. This album has 81 photos.





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