298 empty seats in front of the Russian embassy. A protest by a group of MH17 relatives

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Just like last year, a group of MH17 relatives placed 298 empty seats in front of the Russian embassy in the Hague as a silent protest. The seat represent the 298 people who died in the plane crash after the aircraft was shot down by a Russian Buk missile.

The protest is because Russia is not abiding by UN Security Council Resolution 2166. Russia is not just non-cooperative in the international investigation. In fact, it has been deliberately obstructing it for five years now. Russia demonstrably distorts the truth, keeps lying repeatedly, spreads false “evidence”, denies in spite of ample evidence, has still not released the launching vehicle and is shielding witnesses.

The date of the protest , June 12th, was chosen  because this is Russia-day, a day of national
celebrations. The next of kin argue that Russia has nothing to celebrate if it continues to
present itself in a cowardly, unreliable and lying fashion.¬† ‘If Russia wants to be seen as a grand and respected country, it will need to behave in a grand and respectable way.’


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