15 Question Dutch Parliament should ask the Dutch government

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Dutch Government is saying the safety situation at the crash site is unsafe and a danger for life. Yet many journalists walked around at the crash site and no problems reported.

  1. What kind of evidence did the US provide to the Dutch investigators?
  2. What kind of evidence did Germany provide to the Dutch investigators?
  3. How many times and at what dates did the Dutch government in the last 6 months request the OSCE to visit the MH17 crash site to observe the safety situation?
  4. Why does the Dutch Government has multiple stated the crash site is ¬†“a danger to live” while many people walked there for hours, farmer ploughing their land and locals collect wood?
  5. The OSCE almost daily reports on the situation in East Ukraine. Hardly ever those reports mention the MH17 crash site. OSCE is said to be an important source for intelligence to the Dutch government. How is it possible for OSCE to advise on the safety if they hardly ever visit the site?
  6. Why did the Ukraine armed forces advance towards to crash site immediately after the bodies and black boxes were recovered end of July?
  7. How is it possible Minister Opstelten was not aware of the existence of logbooks made by the local rescue services in Ukraine? RTL reported about those logbooks at September 3.
  8. Why is the area North of the crash site strategically of great importance to Ukraine as stated in Dutch government communications?
  9. Why is a United Nations mandate for sending troops to the crash site not possible? Which country blocks this?
  10. How many times did the Dutch Government request Ukraine to retreat so investigation at the crash site would be possible?
  11. What are the consequences if the Dutch government will negotiate directly with the separatists instead of via OSCE?
  12. Why didn’t the mission which was at the crash site till August 6 did not investitage the cause of the crash?
  13. If it was not allowed by the separatists, why not? Did they threaten?
  14. Access to some parts of the crash site for recovery of personal belongings was not allowed  during the first week of August. What was the reason and who did not allow access?
  15. Has uranium been found at the crash site or at victims? Air to air missiles use uranium.
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